Knee pain and Trigger Points March 14, 2011

Trigger points are tight regions of muscle that refer pain to some other body part.  Usually, the pain radiates to the nearest joint.  Any muscle can develop a trigger point, but usually they occur in muscles that are under strain – because of fatigue, injury, bad posture, etc.

The muscle in the diagram is the vastus medialis - one of the 4 muscles that compose the quadriceps.  When this muscle developes trigger points, it tends to refer pain to the front of the knee.

If you have ever had pain in the front of your knee after exercise, and it the pain went away after a few days, this muscle was probably the culprit.  Other signs that the vastus medialis is causing your anterior knee pain include increased pain on stairs and after sitting with bent knees for a while.

The cause of trigger points is variable.  But the solution is generally straight forward.  NMT (neuromuscular manipulative therapy) treatment for this sort of pain involves just a rolling pin, a softball, and some common sense.

If you have knee pain that prevents you from doing what you want or need to do, don’t hesitate or procrastinate!  You do not have to live with the inconvenience!

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