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Fast Acting Manual Physical Therapy

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For People Who Love To Move

Imagine This Scenario...

*Imagine your body without the pain that limits you from doing what you love....

*Imagine never again skipping time with loved ones because your back hurts (or knee, or foot, or neck, etc)....

*Imagine only needing a few visits to get your body back to normal....

*Imagine finally having the knowledge you need to fix yourself next time....


Sound Too Good To Be True?

You're not alone. Lots of people feel there is no help for their unique issues. Then they discovered the truth about their body and how the manual therapy at Hadley Clinic gets straight to the source of their problems.


The Solution Is Simple

The source of most physical pain, dysfunction, and weakness is simple. And so is the manual therapy approach at Hadley Clinic - an eclectic combination of old and new science to fix some of the most common and difficult-to-treat problems.

Figure taken from RM Eccles et al, 1958, Journal of Physiology

The Science Is Credible

Hadley Clinic manual therapy combines joint and muscle manipulation with the neurophysiology of muscle stretch reflexes. It is deep science and may seem complicated... and it can be! But it is also very simple and intuitive. You will soon learn some amazing things about your body, and you will feel the results fast!

The Results Speak For Themselves


Common problems resolve quickly when the root of the problem is addressed. 

The graph above shows the average number of treatments needed to correct commonly treated body regions in 2017 and 2018 at Hadley Clinic. 

*FYI this is LESS THAN HALF of the state and national average! 

**Your body is unique and may require more or less than these averages.

You Get What You Pay For


You and your health are what matter here. Your time and your needs are top priorities. Insurance companies do not offer sufficient resources for the most effective forms of treatment. Thus, Hadley Clinic does not participate with insurance companies. 

Acceptable forms of payment include HSA, FSA, Debit/Credit, check, and cash. 

Initial Evaluation and Treatment: $150

Follow up treatments: $130 

Scott Hadley PhD, DPT


Dr. Hadley received a PhD in Anatomy and Cell Biology from Wayne State University School of Medicine in 1998. He earned a Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2007 from Grand Valley State University. He has published several research papers in the field of spinal cord injury and has served on the faculties of Grand Valley State University, Calvin College, and Hope College. He has practiced at Hadley Clinic since 2010.

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